58 – Morning Wood

Taken at 58 - Morning Wood in Gatlinburg TN

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Bedrooms: 1    Bathrooms: 1    Sleeps: 6


🪵 Ah... there's nothing like Morning Wood!

Step into the whimsical embrace of this TreeFort, the perfect treehouse to immerse yourselves in the midst of towering trees and the surrounding natural beauty. Accommodating up to 6 tree lovers, Morning Wood features all our unique amenities, including the exhilarating 20-foot slide, drink chute, bucket pulley, secret ladder, escape hatch, and more!

Once again, local artist and the Jensen family's daughter, Ava Jensen, works her creative magic, painting a unique picture that sets the theme for the decor in the Morning Wood treehouse.

Morning Wood is an excellent choice for couples or families, beckoning you to unwind, reconnect, and play the day away at Sanctuary Treehouse Resort.

With complimentary unlimited firewood, why not throw another log on the fire and take in the majesty of the Smoky Mountains after your day's adventures? We know Morning Wood is on your mind, so go ahead and reserve it today. 🌲