Things You Should Know About Renting a Treehouse For Your Next Getaway

Most everyone has played in a tree house at some point during childhood. There is just something about this elevated experience that causes people to want to relive the moment time and time again.

Today, treehouses have evolved and have even become luxurious. If you are ready for something different for your next vacation, consider renting a treehouse at the Sanctuary Treehouse Resort in the Smoky Mountains. Continue reading to learn some special tips that will help you make the most of your treehouse getaway experience.


Before you start the process of searching for a treehouse rental, it is wise to sit down and discuss your needs. First, think about the chosen destination. Where do you want to stay? Do you prefer a more remote location, or do you want something near restaurants and entertainment venues? Asking these questions will help you begin to narrow down your needs so the search is productive. The following are some things to consider.

  • Do you need a pet-friendly treehouse?
  • Will you cook all of your meals inside the treehouse?
  • How many guests and what ages do you need to accommodate?
  • Do you need electricity, heat, and AC?
  • What amenities would you like? Do you want a hot tub, fire pit, television, or others?

By asking the above questions, you can start the process of understanding your needs for your treehouse getaway. Once you have written down the destination and needs, it is easier to begin searching.


Those who have never lodged in a treehouse may not understand what to expect. Although treehouses are becoming increasingly popular, they are not available in all areas of the country, and some are lacking amenities most people have come to expect. Having a guide with helpful tips is essential for new treehouse vacationers. Consider the following before starting your journey towards finding the perfect vacation getaway.


Before falling in love with any treehouse location, it is vital vacationers learn about the fees involved and the cancellation policy. While we do our absolute best to ensure transparency, we don’t want any hidden surprises while on vacation in our Smoky Mountain treehouses. Make sure you know all of the costs, including hidden ones, before booking a getaway. Some vacation destination owners charge exorbitant fees. Make sure you read the fine print carefully. Each treehouse is uniquely made. You need to know if everything is included in the rental price or if there are extras. For instance, some owners will charge for using the hot tub and may not allow outdoor grilling. If you read the fine print and ask pertinent questions, there will be no unhappy surprises. You absolutely must learn about the cancellation process and charges. Things happen in life, and you are not guaranteed the opportunity to vacation. What will happen if your child gets sick and you need to cancel suddenly? Will the owner keep your deposit?


Many people expect a luxurious getaway when renting a treehouse, but this is not always the case. While there are certainly luxurious options at Sanctuary Treehouse Resort, they are not what the spirit of renting a treehouse is all about. Staying in a treehouse is about getting back to your childhood nostalgia and having a relaxing and fun adventure. It is essential that you remember that a treehouse vacation is about getting away from it all and unwinding. Vacationers should also realize they are making a fair trade when renting a treehouse. 


Your tree house vacation will be more like a glamping adventure here at Sanctuary Treehouse Resort. You will be out in the woods among nature and exposed to the elements at times so pack accordingly. Have you ever been camping? Think about what you would need to pack, according to the time of year. You are not going to need a massive wardrobe of fancy clothes, unless you are planning on sightseeing and going to entertainment venues and restaurants. Keep your wardrobe basic. Make sure to include a pair of good hiking boots that fit well. Bring extra socks, and do not forget sun and bug protection. Make sure to bring plenty of options to keep yourself safe during the adventure. Pack toiletry items. Some tree houses offer these items for guests, but not always. 


Before planning any vacation, and especially one in a treehouse, vacationers must know what is nearby. There is a high probability that you are going to forget at least one item. If you are too far from any stores, that could be a problem. Are there places close by that you could drive to for eating out? Is there delivery services nearby? Will you want to go out to eat, or would you prefer a kitchen for cooking? If you are like most people, once you get into the treehouse experience, you are not going to want to leave. For instance, right now, you may think a night out on the town is a priority, but that could change once you are a couple of days into the adventure. 


Treehouse experiences are growing in popularity like never before. People are interested in getting back to nature and enjoying life through childlike eyes. Because the interest is growing, you may find treehouses booked weeks or even months in advance. After narrowing down the desired experience and location, it is essential to book as early as possible. Just remember when booking early, learn about the cancellation policy in case something occurs beyond your control.


Most children on the planet dream about having their very own treehouse to play in and enjoy. Even though you are no longer a child, this does not mean you have to say goodbye to childlike wonder. A treehouse vacation is an unforgettable experience and one where you will be at one with nature and finally able to get away from the stress of being an adult. Once you experience a treehouse vacation, you will never be the same. It is an unforgettable opportunity that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.


Planning ahead is the number one priority for ensuring every detail is perfect. Think about the following tips, and you will be prepared to enjoy a perfect treehouse getaway any time of the year.

  1. Do not expect perfection. No vacation is perfect, and a treehouse adventure will not be either. You are not looking for perfection, but for fun and relaxation.
  2. Book a getaway during the week, and you will discover it is easier to find an opening and it will likely be cheaper.
  3. Remember that some treehouses are not open all year long. Some are seasonal. Keep this in mind when booking a treehouse for your next vacation.
  4. Consider the health and physical abilities of any guests. Can they climb, hike, and walk without pain?
  5. Pack lightly, and make sure to bring a backpack for any outdoor adventuring. You will appreciate having one if you plan to delve deep into the woods or hiking trails.


Although a treehouse adventure sounds good, it is not for everyone. Treehouse adventures vary in price according to the size of the treehouse, its location, and the available amenities. Compare options and prices to ensure you are getting the best vacation for your money. If nature is calling your name, why not stay in a treehouse instead of a traditional hotel or cabin? People of all ages will love the adventure it has to offer.