Smoky Mountain Treehouse Resort Interactive Amenities

Our Smoky Mountain Treehouse Resort Story

We started Sanctuary Treehouse Resort after building a treehouse for our four children on our property. Once the 40 acres of land across from our home became available, we knew what we had to do next…build a Smoky Mountain Treehouse Resort.

What started as a plan to build a few treehouses to rent near our own property turned into a mission to build the first interactive treehouse and the world’s largest treehouse resort in the Smoky Mountains. We’ve created treehouses that are great for both family vacations and romantic getaways. Our goal is for Sanctuary Treehouse Resort to be a place where adults are taken back to their childhood treehouse days and where families can play and stay together while enjoying the beauty of the that natural surroundings of the mountains.



Whether you are climbing up a ladder or a set of stairs, the anticipation of what lies ahead can be thrilling. Once you reach the top, the feeling of being up in the trees, surrounded by nature, can be truly special. Treehouses can also stir up feelings of nostalgia, reminding us of our own childhood and the joy of playing and exploring without limitations. Overall, treehouses can be a great way to tap into our sense of wonder and imagination, and to reconnect with the natural world.


There is something magical about treehouses that can spark a sense of childlike wonder in people of all ages. Located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, our unique treehouse design comes with an unimaginable amount of interactive amenities and it’s incredible features transports you back to your childhood. Some of our interactive features include:

  • A secret Queen bed hidden beneath the rope suspended King bed. Upon the simple turn of a wheel, an extra Queen bed is revealed! 
  • Hidden dining table. It may appear to be a bunk bed, but at Sanctuary Treehouse Resort nothing is as it seems! A crank system transforms it into a bottom bunk, a couch, or a 2-person dining table with bar stools.
  • Escape hatch. Our escape hatch with a secret ladder can provide you with the ultimate stealth in your next game of hide and seek.
  • Drink chute. Exploring can leave you parched! Our drink chute allows guests to drop any size can or bottle from the upper level kitchenette down to the lower deck within seconds. 
  • Swings and things. Our treehouses have a variety of swings including outdoor day beds, rope climbs, net swings, egg chairs and so much more. 
  • Bucket Pulley. Remember these as a child? Well, now you can experience the fun of raising and lowering items in our metal bucket with a rope system.  
  • Custom built furniture. Our furniture has been uniquely curated and designed in house by our founders. Jack Daniels whiskey barrel bathroom sinks, tables and custom King, Queen and bunk bed systems. Designs you will not see or experience anywhere else. 
  • 20-foot Slide.

Who said slides are just for kids? We are proud to offer a 20-foot outdoor slide for people of all ages!


Staying in a treehouse does not mean you have to compromise comfort. At Sanctuary Treehouse Resort, we make sure you experience nature and luxury. Our modern-day amenities are sure to enhance anyone’s desire to stay in our treehouses in the Smoky Mountains.

Some of these include:

  • Outdoor wood burning fireplaces/ Indoor LED fireplaces. Guests can enjoy the ambient lighting from the indoor LED fireplace or make a cozy fire on the upper deck in our wood burning fireplace with Adirondack seating for 2. 
  • Spacious outdoor decks. Treehouses are a great way to reconnect with the natural world. Embrace the scenery with our spacious 200 square foot upper & 320 square foot lower outdoor decks.
  • Outdoor dining. With bar top seating for 4 on the top level decks, table top seating for 4 on our lower decks and another hidden table for 2 inside the treehouses, there is room for everyone at the table here. 
  • Walk in showers. Enjoy a walk-in shower with ship porthole windows to take in the view while washing up after the days adventures. 
  • Bidet toilet system. Our Luxe treehouse offers a bidet toilet system and all of the TreeForts and TreeFort doubles have heated lit toilet seats. Yes, a luxury you didn’t know you needed. 
  • Towel warmers. Our Luxe features a towel warmer to heat up your towel for added comfort after a relaxing soak in one of our copper slipper tubs or upon exiting the shower. 
  • Kitchenette. Hungry? Our treehouses have kitchenettes with Keurig coffee makers and stocked coffee caddy’s, microwave, mini fridge and stone vessel sinks. We provide service wear, grilling tools, storage containers and cleaning supplies. Don’t forget the drink chute that allows you to drop any size can or bottle down to the lower deck. 
  • Internet. We offer free high speed Wi-Fi complimentary to all of our guests here at the resort.  

Oh there is more, but you will just have to experience it! 


At Sanctuary Treehouse Resort, we offer a unique and memorable vacation experience that you cannot get at a traditional hotel, cabin or resort. Be ready to have new standards for your future vacations after you have stayed at one of our wonderful treehouses in the Smokies! If you’re ready to experience the Great Smoky Mountains in the most memorable way, book your stay today!